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About Jasmin Handicraft

About Jasmin Handicraft

Welcome to Jasmin handicraft!

The manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter of pashmina shawls, scarf and various clothing from Nepal.  Jasmin Handicraft is the name of a leading handicraft manufacturer and supplier from Nepal. FroPashminam the establishment in the year 2006, we are involved in making quality craft wears related to woven and knitwear products. We are basically producing varieties of cashmere and pashmina products and different kinds of beads worked fashion bags and waDSC00505ll hangings. We have been producing the European Standard products, using high quality environment friendly materials locally available in Nepal. We are equally responsible for the society thus we are very sensitive about not using child labor for any production.  At the same time we give jobs to those poor house mothers who are free during the day and looking for some alternative source of income.ECI_S05[1]
Pashmina which is also known as Cashmere is a very soft fiber, that can be obtained from the mountain sheep. Pashmina is available in Pakistan, India and Nepal, but people consider Nepalese pashmina as best in quality because of the condition where mountain sheep are grown. In addition to warm pashmina wears, Jasmin Handicraft also produces varieties of beads work and embroidery work products from pashmina as well as cotton.



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